Why WordPress

If you are wondering why I have you create a WordPress Blog to turn in your work here is a list of reasons

  • I spend a lot of time trying to be creative.  This is super time consuming. I can not do everything so collecting papers, keeping them organized, entering them into a gradebook…takes away from my ability to be techie and creative with what I do.  Since I can not do everything, grading has to be modified to work for me.
  • If you turn in your assignments to the Google form then I have ONE list of places to check homework.  I can grade on my iPad, my computer (any computer… I don’t have to have mine), on my phone…. So I can not lose your work and it is easy to look up stuff. (thank you command F).
  • If I am not going back and forth between paper and the gradebook or back and forth other places I can be more efficient.
  • By linking to your blog (permalink) it is quick for me to check that your work is completed and correct.
  • I can leave you individual comments on your blog.  Many times I write notes on student papers… they don’t get handed back right away so the feedback becomes less meaningful. If I leave you comments on your blog you get them right away.
  • Handing papers back in class takes a lot of class time that we could use for other things. No one is learning during this time… papers are just being passed around… what a waste of learning potential.
  • If you are absent you still have access to the comments I left you on your blog. Normally if papers get handed back and you’re absent… how do you get  your stuff?
  • You always know how and when to turn in an assignment.  You do not have to hold onto your paper until I collect it…you turn it in as soon as you are done. You can not lose it this way.
  • If you’ve ever done your homework and left it at home you’ll appreciate that I do not collect papers. As soon as you’re done with an assignment post it to your blog and you are done with it.
  • If you are absent you do not have to worry about what I collected.
  • Less focus on due dates and more focus on learning. I want you to show me that you’ve learned it. By not having to hand in your paper on day X you have the opportunity to keep trying until you’ve mastered it and turn in your mastery when you finally get it!
  • Your blog is your demonstration of mastery. It is a SINGLE record of what you’ve learned.
  • At the semester you will have a TANGIBLE product to show off how much you’ve learned. Your blog should justify your grade.