1. Go to and create a wordpress blog FOR YOUR ACEL MATH CLASS.  You can name it whatever you want, so long as it is appropriate for school.
  2. Verify your account in your email if you did not already have an account.
  3. Once in your account go to users on the side.
  4. Add as ADMINISTRATOR for your blog.
  5. Click on Settings on the side and choose General
  6. Change the tag line to be something more meaningful. SAVE
  7. Then when I find the directions do this to make sure you can post to your wordpress blog from your iPad.
  8. Go to appearance and search for themes that you like, again make sure it is appropriate for school.
  9. Posts vs. Pages
  10. A post will be where you post your notes and assignments. It is VERY important that you are using good categories and tags.
  11. A page is not a blog post but a static page that is always visible on your site.  Create a page that is about you, do not post information about you that you don’t want to share publicly on the internet.  Be careful about listing your last name. Make sure you have parent permission before you post your last name.
  12. Create a page called ACHIEVEMENTS so you can list your achievements there.
  13. Create a post that shows what you are learning.
  14. Make sure you create categories of QUEST, ACHIEVEMENT, NOTES, BLOG, PRACTICE, FUN
  15. Anything that is graded you want to make sure you include the STANDARD as a tag.  Remember that standard 5 is written 5.0
    There is always a decimal place
  16. Also pay attention to the quest, it will tell you the keywords you need to include in addition to the standard as a keyword.
  17. Make sure you list your quest number FIRST in the title of your blog post.
  18. Under Appearance in the dashboard choose widgets
  19. Drag “Tag Cloud” over to the right so that tag cloud appears on the side of your blog. Make sure it is at the top.

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