For those of you who want a little algebra review, here are a couple of episodes of mathtastic


Why WordPress

If you are wondering why I have you create a WordPress Blog to turn in your work here is a list of reasons

  • I spend a lot of time trying to be creative.  This is super time consuming. I can not do everything so collecting papers, keeping them organized, entering them into a gradebook…takes away from my ability to be techie and creative with what I do.  Since I can not do everything, grading has to be modified to work for me.
  • If you turn in your assignments to the Google form then I have ONE list of places to check homework.  I can grade on my iPad, my computer (any computer… I don’t have to have mine), on my phone…. So I can not lose your work and it is easy to look up stuff. (thank you command F).
  • If I am not going back and forth between paper and the gradebook or back and forth other places I can be more efficient.
  • By linking to your blog (permalink) it is quick for me to check that your work is completed and correct.
  • I can leave you individual comments on your blog.  Many times I write notes on student papers… they don’t get handed back right away so the feedback becomes less meaningful. If I leave you comments on your blog you get them right away.
  • Handing papers back in class takes a lot of class time that we could use for other things. No one is learning during this time… papers are just being passed around… what a waste of learning potential.
  • If you are absent you still have access to the comments I left you on your blog. Normally if papers get handed back and you’re absent… how do you get  your stuff?
  • You always know how and when to turn in an assignment.  You do not have to hold onto your paper until I collect it…you turn it in as soon as you are done. You can not lose it this way.
  • If you’ve ever done your homework and left it at home you’ll appreciate that I do not collect papers. As soon as you’re done with an assignment post it to your blog and you are done with it.
  • If you are absent you do not have to worry about what I collected.
  • Less focus on due dates and more focus on learning. I want you to show me that you’ve learned it. By not having to hand in your paper on day X you have the opportunity to keep trying until you’ve mastered it and turn in your mastery when you finally get it!
  • Your blog is your demonstration of mastery. It is a SINGLE record of what you’ve learned.
  • At the semester you will have a TANGIBLE product to show off how much you’ve learned. Your blog should justify your grade.

Note to Algebra II

Here is an email I sent out:

Hello Algebra II’ers

If you go to you can find the lesson for the day and links to the quests.
I have created today to give you a model of a wordpress blog.
Directions are on my blog
I need you to make a wordpress blog.  Go to and if you do not already have an account you will want to make a wordpress account.
Create a new blog for math class please! Please do this ASAP if possible. I’m happy to help, just ask. Make sure you admin on your site.
I am thinking that when students ask me questions I will post the answers to the wordpress blog. I can use the wordpress app on my phone and iPad so that is the easiest place for me to do that. You can also make comments on my posts, so that is cool also.
I posted some livescribe pen notes on already. Also I am putting some answers to questions students asked me about quest 1.
Don’t forget you need to do all 8 stations!!!!!!!
Here are things I am working on:
  • Class Dojo… trying to figure out what categories I want to use so I can give you feedback about how you are doing.
  • How to turn things in … right now I am stuck since we don’t have iPads so I am stalling… But ultimately we need to keep track of when you are doing something well so you can earn XP for it.  Your help in making this happen is appreciated.
  • Gradecam – I gave out cards with your SID number on it that you can bubble in your XP you are earning and SCAN it into my computer.  I am thinking this will help me when we are doing tasks in class that are not quests but just activities.  If you are mastering material, you should get XP.  So keep that in mind, we should be scanning stuff in all the time.
  • Levels – Once we start getting XP recorded down we can see how the levels are coming. I wanted to start this right off the bat, but we need SID numbers and computers… so we will get there soon, no stress 🙂
  • Achievements – Once everyone has the iPads what we will do each week is do goal setting.  What level do you want to get to, how are you going to get there.  What achievements can you earn this week?
  • Speaking of which, you will have an achievements page on your wordpress blog where you will post your achievements.  I need some volunteers to create badges for the achievements. Let me know if you can do this for me 🙂
Good Luck
Let me know what questions/suggestions/frustrations you have.  
Mrs. Keeler