Turning in Homework

Here is video explaining how to get yourself all set up to turn in assignments

Here is a quick and dirty video of how to turn in assignments once you have done it at least once.

  • Do the activity
  • Take pictures or screenshots
  • Have Safari open with 3 tabs: daily, quests and your blog in standard view
  • Open WordPress App, make blog post (might need to multi-task back to safari and get info from daily )
  • multi-task (double click home button) and switch to safari
  • Refresh your blog
  • Click on blog post title
  • Copy the URL
  • Go to the Quest tab and fill in form.

Quest 1: “I don’t get it”

This is a CHALLENGE… this means you have to FIND the information. Use the powers of Google. ¬†You can find information on functions.

You do not know what this business does, feel free to make up what the business does.

Part of this is the RESEARCH. You will find a bunch of stuff that you can’t use, but hopefully the process of sorting out what is good and what is not good… you will learn some things regardless. You’ll learn some things beyond what the assignment is, this is a good thing. I usually learn more from the PROCESS of trying to learn something than the thing I was trying to learn in the first place.

Turning in this quest: You can do your memo right in your wordpress blog. Title it 1: Functions Memo

or you can do on a poster or something, but we will need to take a picture and put it on your wordpress blog anyway…. I’d just as soon you do it in there.